Grammatica Reference Manual

Grammar Structure & Declarations

Grammatica uses its own grammar format, normally stored in files with a .grammar extension. The files are divided into three parts -- header, tokens, and productions. The header part is used for declarations about the grammar, such as the grammar type. The token and production parts are used for token and production declarations, which is explained in later chapters. See the figure below for an example of the file structure.




Figure 1. The overall structure of a grammar file.

Grammar files also support comments anywhere in the file. The comment syntax is similar to the comments in C# and Java (as well as many other popular languages). Two example comments can be seen in the example below.

/* A comment spanning 
   multiple lines */

// A comment reaching to end of line

Figure 2. The two types of comments available in grammar files.

The header part in a grammar file contains definitions of grammar parameters. These are name-value pairs, with the name normally being all upper-case. In order for Grammatica to process a grammar file, at least the GRAMMARTYPE parameter must be defined. See below for a list of the standard parameter names and values.