Grammatica Installation Instructions


The following software is required in order to run Grammatica:

To use the parsers generated by Grammatica, one of the following software packages are required (depending on the language generated):


This software does not require any special installation. The only file needed is the lib/grammatica-1.6.jar file.

Running from Command-Line

The following command runs Grammatica and prints the command-line options:

java -jar lib/grammatica-1.6.jar

Running from Apache Ant

Grammatica is also available as an Apache Ant task. Add the grammatica-1.6.jar to the CLASSPATH, and add the following to include the Grammatica task:

<taskdef name="grammatica"
         classname="net.percederberg.grammatica.ant.GrammaticaTask" />

See the reference manual for the details on how to use the <grammatica> task.

Running Generated Parsers

All generated parsers require the corresponding Grammatica run-time library in order to run. The run-time libraries for various languages can be found in the lib subdirectory: