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What is Grammatica?

Grammatica is a C# and Java parser generator (compiler compiler). It improves upon simlar tools (like yacc and ANTLR) by creating well-commented and readable source code, by having automatic error recovery and detailed error messages, and by support for testing and debugging grammars without generating source code.

What does it provide?

Grammatica supports LL(k) grammars with an unlimited number of look-ahead tokens. It is fairly well tested, and has been self-hosting since version 0.1. The documentation contains a complete list of features, as well as a comparison to other parser generators.

Is it open source?

Grammatica is free software released with full source code under the GNU LGPL license (or GNU GPL with a linking exception). This license guarantees access to the source code and permits free usage, but redistribution of any modified code must be made under the same license. Please read the GNU LGPL license for more information.

Recent News

Version 1.5 Released

7 March 2009 18:28

After several years in development status, version 1.5 of Grammatica has now been released. This release features parsing speed improvements, VB.NET code generation and case-insensitive parsing support among several other improvements. Go to the download area to get the latest package.

API changes for .NET

27 August 2005 10:50

The .NET namespace and API for Grammatica will be changed in version 1.5 for various reasons. For most users this will go unnoticed once the parser source code has been generated again. The changes have been fully implemented in the 1.5.alpha2 development build.

Grammatica Web Site Moved

6 May 2005 08:55

The Grammatica project web site has been moved and redesigned. It is now hosted by Liquid Site Hosting. The new download area is also easier to navigate and use than the old one at Savannah.

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