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Grammar Files

This is a set of grammar files created and shared by the users of Grammatica. Support for these grammars are provided by whoever wrote them, see the AUTHOR directive in the grammar header. Unless explicitly mentioned, these files work with the latest version of Grammatica (and possibly earlier ones too).

  • ASN.1 by Per Cederberg (version 2.5 – 16 October 2004)
    For SNMP MIB files (and supposedly other ASN.1 files). Part of the Mibble MIB Parser library.
  • CSS by Francis Norton (version 1.1 – 26 March 2005)
    For Cascading Style Sheet 2 (CSS2) files, as defined by the W3C.
  • Grammar by Per Cederberg (version 1.6 – 17 May 2015)
    For Grammatica grammar files. This is the grammar used by Grammatica itself for parsing grammar files.
  • Wiki by Chris Holman (version 1.0 – 6 February 2004)
    For Wiki files, such as this simple example.

Please consider contributing your own grammars to this list if they could be interesting for others. Send your grammars to the grammatica-users mailing list (requires subscription). Be sure to check that you have included a copyright statement and a free license. Please doublecheck your grammar with the latest version of Grammatica to avoid errors.

Copyright © 2003-2012 Per Cederberg. Permission is granted to copy this document verbatim in any medium, provided that this copyright notice is left intact.

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